Tom the Rock.(Spoilerz maybe?)


Nothing to really say, except... welcome! And behave.
pegasusburn: Hi! it's burn ;) Aug 30, 2015 1:58:23 GMT
Adventurous Spirit: [WAITING INTENSIFIES] Aug 30, 2015 3:17:14 GMT
Raf: Whats up with this horde of people? Aug 30, 2015 10:59:29 GMT
CableZ: dunno, but I'm keeping an eye on my back Aug 30, 2015 15:26:12 GMT
wishing: Hello ? Aug 31, 2015 22:03:18 GMT
CableZ: hey there Aug 31, 2015 22:42:18 GMT
sapphiresong: Hi cablez! Aug 31, 2015 23:54:09 GMT
zenpony: Hello! Salutations! Sept 2, 2015 14:32:28 GMT
zenpony: i have been waiting a long "jeapordy theme" a long time...for my app to get accepted...or at least critiqued Sept 3, 2015 19:34:04 GMT
CableZ: You've been waiting less than a day Sept 3, 2015 20:51:37 GMT
CableZ: that kind of attitude will just prolong the process Sept 3, 2015 20:51:46 GMT
CableZ: you're also not allowed to app two ponies in the same app so your attitude is even less justified Sept 3, 2015 20:52:04 GMT
sapphiresong: *massages Cablez's shoulders* Sept 3, 2015 21:01:12 GMT
zenpony: sorry about that post then...i haven't got an rp with those characters for a while on ANY site for a i got mad. Not very zen of me. Also these act as a pair. ying and yang sort of thing. I got kinda carried away cuz i didn't see a rule for pairs Sept 3, 2015 21:17:31 GMT
zenpony: its like everywhere i go people seem to hate my characters or just don't want to get involved with the new person. Sept 3, 2015 21:25:54 GMT
sapphiresong: I had a quick look at your application and I have to say... Sept 3, 2015 21:31:08 GMT
sapphiresong: despite the fact that you do have to focus on one pony of those, even if you want them to go as a pair, you need to apply one first and then after adequate time the other one. Sept 3, 2015 21:31:42 GMT
sapphiresong: you need to write more, especially for stuff like weaknesses and so one. While you describe bothe their weakness in one sentence I had 6 for my pony Sept 3, 2015 21:33:45 GMT
zenpony: Thanks for the advice. I'll modify my thread and of course add another after a while...I'll think hard about how to keep the same settings of the duo part Sept 3, 2015 21:48:32 GMT
CableZ: been quiet here recently Sept 5, 2015 0:04:08 GMT