Tom the Rock.(Spoilerz maybe?)


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CableZ: right so did yo not read the last thing I said on purpose or what? Nov 28, 2014 16:12:20 GMT
Storm Scout: I was responding to all that you said, rather than only the last paragraph. I'm sorry if I've offended, I don't want to start an argument here. Nov 28, 2014 16:15:01 GMT *
CableZ: responding to all I said would include that final paragraph where I said "not implying you would go by this idea" you didn't respond to everything you responded to select things Nov 28, 2014 16:16:42 GMT
Storm Scout: Again... not trying to have an argument. I felt like you were trying to accuse me of something, but I suppose I was wrong to have inferred that. Nov 28, 2014 16:18:00 GMT
CableZ: fair enough if you want to defend your actions but you ignored one part of what I said to do it, which would cause an argument even after saying you don't wanna cause one Nov 28, 2014 16:19:47 GMT
Storm Scout: Sorry then, this argument is my fault. I don't want to continue it though. I'll speak to you later CableZ... I hope we can have a more pleasant conversation next time. Nov 28, 2014 16:24:15 GMT
Sunshine Swirl: Yawn! Good morning everypony. I am so sleepy after all of the excitement yesterday, but it's 8am already. Time to get moving. Nov 28, 2014 18:15:29 GMT
CableZ: morning sunshine Nov 28, 2014 18:30:59 GMT
CableZ: time to murder people in stores or something? Nov 28, 2014 18:31:07 GMT
Sunshine Swirl: I'll go with "something". I'm not the violent sort. ^_^;; I do however have a very large dead bird to clean up from yesterday's family feast. Nov 28, 2014 18:37:37 GMT
Sunshine Swirl: (I don't even want to drive given the crowds today.) Nov 28, 2014 18:40:57 GMT
chibibug: Can't wait for Build-a-Bear Celestia. She's so cute. <3 Nov 28, 2014 19:58:07 GMT
Oopsie Daisy: I know right?? xD Nov 28, 2014 20:00:32 GMT
jadensong: Hello Nov 29, 2014 1:03:34 GMT
waxworks: Hey Sunshine! ^.^ Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days, been busy with relatives and MOUNTAINS OF FOOOOOOOD. Nov 29, 2014 4:28:15 GMT
chibibug: waxworks! :D Nov 29, 2014 4:40:29 GMT
Sunshine Swirl: Oh, Hi Waxworks. ^_^ /) It's okay. I'm in the same boat. I just finished cleaning up the kitchen. Nov 29, 2014 4:42:56 GMT
waxworks: Aaaaand posted in Looking for Trade @.@ I'll post in the ones Pillow's in tomorrow. Night everyone! Nov 29, 2014 6:18:28 GMT
Sunshine Swirl: Goodnight~ Nov 29, 2014 6:27:38 GMT
Geffect-Bron3: Night Nov 29, 2014 6:39:57 GMT