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Everything you need to know about the board is in here! Please take a look, as a lot of it is very important.

Sub-board: >> Introductions

536 2,570 Well, I have arrived
by Tayla Lider
Jul 11, 2014 22:37:50 GMT
No New Posts >> Updates and Events

All important site updates and roleplay events are posted here!

9 192 Rewards - Custom Titles [Requests here] [updated]
by Geffectbrony
Jul 7, 2014 15:45:27 GMT
No New Posts >> Questions and Suggestions

Have any questions about the site that need answering? Or any suggestions on how to make the site better? This is the place to go.

131 683 Character activity?
by CableZ
Jun 28, 2014 23:07:33 GMT
No New Posts >> Staff Area

A board which only staff members can access to discuss important and private site matters.

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No New Posts >> Character Claim

After you've read the rules, come here to claim a canon character from the series.

Sub-boards: >> Accepted Claims, >> Official Wonderbolts Board

16 42 Background Character Log *UPDATED*
by Rewdalf
Aug 13, 2011 4:54:53 GMT
No New Posts >> OC Applications - 1 Viewing

This is where you write out your character bios so mods can look over, review and move them if they've been accepted.

30 121 Wilderness (I think I've got it finished now)
by wilderness
Jul 12, 2014 7:52:29 GMT
No New Posts >> Accepted Characters - 4 Viewing

Here is where all character bios will be moved after they've been accepted.

1,196 4,911 OC's jobs directory [Finished]
by Ashti Sandburst
Jul 3, 2014 21:38:07 GMT
No New Posts >> Character Logs

After your characters have been accepted, you can create your own personal threads to keep track of them and their threads here!

195 393 Zazzy's Character Log
by Zazzy
Jul 11, 2014 20:20:18 GMT
No New Posts >> Character Adoptions

Does your character have any unused friends or family members you'd like other people to make characters from? Set them all up for adoption here!

36 215 Midnight's Family and Band
by CottonCloud
Jul 3, 2014 3:47:34 GMT


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No New Posts >> Ponyville

Ponyville is a very well known Equestrian town, originally founded by earth ponies before all three races found their life-long homes here. It's best known for its friendly community, as everypony seems to know each other well, and they are always welcoming of newcomers.

Sub-boards: >> Twilight's Castle, >> Town Square, >> Railway, >> The Marketplace, >> Ponyville Residential, >> The Schoolhouse, >> Ponyville Hospital , >> Sugar Cube Corner, >> Carousel Boutique, >> Sweet Apple Acres, >> Fluttershy's Cottage, >> The Park, >> Bathhouse, >> Bowling Alley, >> The Dojo, >> Hydroelectric Dam

22 622 the soft light of the stars [private]
by Dark Star
Jul 12, 2014 0:29:17 GMT
No New Posts >> Canterlot

Canterlot is the sophisticated and beautiful capital of Equestrian, where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna live in their castle. It's the site of important cultural events, and can only be traveled to by flight, train or carriage.

Sub-boards: >> Canterlot Castle, >> Castle Garden, >> The City Streets, >> Canterlot Residential , >> Train Station, >> The Canterlot Archives, >> Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, >> Airship Port, >> Art Gallery, >> Derby Racetrack, >> Grand Starshine Theatre

15 176 Flatmates Are Hard to Find (Private |*| Dgcakes)
by Zazzy
Jul 11, 2014 20:03:03 GMT
No New Posts >> Cloudsdale

A glorious sky-city that floats somewhere above Ponyville. It is where most of the Pegasus of Equestria live and work to keep the weather under control.

Sub-boards: >> Cloud Streets, >> Weather Factory, >> The Colosseum, >> Junior Speedster's Flight Camp

1 13 Storm of the Century of the Week (Sun Riser)
by waxworks
May 29, 2014 2:46:52 GMT
No New Posts >> The Crystal Empire

After a thousand years of being cursed by the evil King Sombra, the Crystal Empire was saved and is now back on the Equestrian map within the arctic north. The city of love and unity is once again open for travellers to enjoy its many wonders.

Sub-boards: >> Crystal Palace, >> Train Station , >> The Town, >> Local Library, >> Crystal Spa, >> Royal Stadium

1 1 Three Forces to be Reckoned With (private ~ CableZ)
by ~Silly CC~
Jul 12, 2014 2:33:37 GMT
No New Posts >> The Wild West

Located some distance to the southwestern side of Equestria lies a desert town called Appleloosa. Beyond the town lies the barren wilderness and buffalo territory, where very few ponies should venture without an escort or guide!

Sub-boards: >> Appleloosa, >> Buffalo Camp, >> The Desert, >> Dodge Junction, >> Cherry Hill Ranch, >> Cherry Orchard

1 12 A Cutie Mark for Silversky (Rusty)
by dragon6678
Jun 21, 2014 23:23:33 GMT
No New Posts >> Whitetail Wood

The large forest just southeast of Ponyville, where the Annual Running of the Leaves takes place in Autumn. Unlike Everfree, this forest is lovely, peaceful and under ponies' control.

1 29 First pictures of new life! (Waxy and open)
by Vertigo
Jun 25, 2014 16:16:52 GMT
No New Posts >> Everfree Forest

Few ponies dare to enter this creepy and mysterious forest just outside of Ponyville. It is home to many strange and unnatural creatures - as well as the wise foreign zebra, Zecora.

Sub-board: >> Zecora's Hut

1 22 Like a Walk in the Woods (private)
by CableZ
Jun 23, 2014 17:54:27 GMT
No New Posts >> Manehattan

The metropolitan and rather posh city west of Ponyville, in which only the most elegant and well brought-up ponies reside.

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No New Posts >> Wonderbolt Academy

The Wonderbolt Academy is a boot camp located at the peak of a mountain plateau reaching through the clouds, consisting of a paved runway and structures such as mess halls and offices. It's where hopeful pegasi come and train to become a member of the most elite flying team in all of Equestria. You think you've got what it takes?

Sub-boards: >> Runway, >> Mess Hall, >> Camp Barracks, >> Obstacle Course, >> Spitfire's Office

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Across Equestria

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No New Posts >> Fillydelphia

Another town in Equestria. Not much is known about it, so the adventure possibilities are endless!

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No New Posts >> Trottingham

Not much is known about Trottingham other than the fact that it's English-esque.

2 21 Things Unseen (Private ~ ForgottenExistance)
by ~Silly CC~
Jul 11, 2014 18:19:21 GMT
No New Posts >> Hoofington

Another town not very well known, but that still makes it fun and adventurous. :3

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No New Posts >> Stalliongrad

A particularly cold city beyond Whitetail Wood. It's Russian-esque and the ponies there are very strong, proud and defiant.

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No New Posts >> SPECIAL RPG: Character Stories

A board dedicated to telling the rich histories of your beloved characters. From threads set in the past to tales of your characters exploits, this board tells history and past of characters.

47 1,050 Waxy and Cobble (Private)
by waxworks
Jun 23, 2014 2:01:54 GMT

Out of Character

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No New Posts >> Friendship is Magic

All discussion about the show goes in here!

61 735 Does anypony actually hate Princess Celestia?
by Luna
May 23, 2014 22:18:59 GMT
No New Posts >> Fan Creations

Got some MLP artwork to share? How about fanfiction, videos or graphics? Anything fan-related goes in here!

240 3,114 CC's Creations (open)
by ~Silly CC~
Jul 12, 2014 0:17:28 GMT
No New Posts >> RP Discussions

Need to discuss RP plots with someone? Or have a good idea for a plot in a certain area and want to share it? Come share your ideas and talk about them here.

75 531 The Crystal Faire
by CableZ
Jul 11, 2014 20:49:59 GMT
No New Posts >> General Discussion - 1 Viewing

Talk about absolutely anything that doesn't fit anywhere else here!

169 1,258 What is you OCs theme music? [V 2.0]
by shiningemerald
Jun 25, 2014 4:29:04 GMT
No New Posts >> Absences

Going to be busy for a while, with school or work? Or possibly going on holiday? If you're unable to roleplay for a while for whatever reason, come say so here, so we don't have to send out search parties.

311 1,025 Summer Activities
by ~Silly CC~
Jul 12, 2014 0:21:56 GMT
No New Posts >> Archives

Whenever a roleplay thread is finished or dead, pm a member of staff (specifically Ashti the Archivist) so they can and move it here to save up space.

Sub-boards: >> Dead Threads, >> Elements of Discord

1,335 27,236 We Call it Ponystep! (Dead) ~Geffect,Blueprint, Zazzy~
by Geffectbrony
Jul 7, 2014 21:17:08 GMT
No New Posts >> Recycle Bin - 1 Viewing

All locked and unneeded topics will be moved here, to save space on the forum.

807 3,810 Cherry Jubilee (unfinished)
by CableZ
Jul 10, 2014 20:27:43 GMT
No New Posts >> Spamalot! - 1 Viewing

Everything unrelated to the boards (such as games and shops) all go in this fun spot of the forum!

Sub-board: Birthday Wishes!

162 4,445 Rule 63 your OC
by ~Silly CC~
Jul 12, 2014 1:44:24 GMT


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CableZ: I'm not going to greenlight one of the most important characters to someone who might just up and leave Jul 12, 2014 2:32:08 GMT
CableZ: and I know you might say "well I'm not going to leave" but frankly that means little to nothing to me Jul 12, 2014 2:32:26 GMT
CableZ: so in fact its quite easy to tell Jul 12, 2014 2:35:27 GMT
Geffectbrony: If that is what it is then we will just have find out right? Jul 12, 2014 2:37:45 GMT
Dark Star: I wouldn't take the risk, if I were you, Geff Jul 12, 2014 2:39:41 GMT
Geffectbrony: New topic? Jul 12, 2014 2:39:48 GMT
Dark Star: Yeah, I'm having second thoughts about the R63 name of Morning Sun, that being Evening Sunset Jul 12, 2014 2:40:17 GMT
CableZ: *slams head into the desk* ok, there is no finding out, I already know. There is no maybe, there is no possibility, I know the answer. The answer (at present) is no Jul 12, 2014 2:40:56 GMT
CableZ: your insufferable attitude to not listen to what I am saying does you no favours Jul 12, 2014 2:41:16 GMT
CableZ: good lord, how much more can I spell it out Jul 12, 2014 2:41:37 GMT
Geffectbrony: You spelled out enough ok if NO is the only answer then I guess my hands are tied for trying in the "FUTURE" as well. Jul 12, 2014 2:47:48 GMT
Geffectbrony: Anyway I suppose you could try Full Moon as a Rule 63 name Dark. Jul 12, 2014 2:48:35 GMT
Dark Star: Geff, when you can't reach the top anymore, you can stop digging Jul 12, 2014 2:49:02 GMT
Dark Star: Ya get what I'm tryin' ta say? Jul 12, 2014 2:49:10 GMT
Geffectbrony: Yes I get it Jul 12, 2014 2:49:55 GMT
~Silly CC~: Well, I'm done for the night. Gnight, all! ^^ Jul 12, 2014 2:53:49 GMT
Geffectbrony: So any ideas for a different Rule 63 Morning Sun yet? Jul 12, 2014 2:53:56 GMT
Dark Star: I just decided to keep Evening Sunset Jul 12, 2014 3:21:57 GMT
Dark Star: I just like it more for some reason Jul 12, 2014 3:30:35 GMT
Dgcakes: Pony names always struck me as pretty gender neutral most of the time so I don't think I'd see a point in changing a name just for an alternate universe gender change. Jul 12, 2014 4:26:39 GMT