~ BRONY MEET-UP 2014 (Bronycon) ~


Okay so the sidebars aren't new anymore. Just enjoy the site!
Storm Scout: 2 am for you maybe. Nov 22, 2014 8:51:24 GMT
CableZ: 9am for me Nov 22, 2014 9:30:23 GMT
CableZ: not slept, not going to Nov 22, 2014 9:30:26 GMT
Storm Scout: Excited to play the new Dragon Age. Looks good. Nov 22, 2014 13:53:00 GMT
Casino: Yes it does I can't wait to play it either Nov 22, 2014 15:22:32 GMT
~Silly CC~: *pokes chat box* any intelligent life out there? Nov 22, 2014 18:00:40 GMT
Geffect-Bron3: Hey Nov 22, 2014 18:21:01 GMT
chibibug: Oh, Dark Star is online. Need to ask you something. Nov 22, 2014 19:00:26 GMT
ohmygoditsrainbowdas: HEY SUNSHINE SWIRL Nov 22, 2014 19:04:08 GMT
ohmygoditsrainbowdas: I HEARD YOU WERE ONLINE Nov 22, 2014 19:04:20 GMT
chibibug: I want to see someone try to prank Discord only to fail gloriously and hilariously. Nov 22, 2014 19:28:38 GMT *
CableZ: I want to see someone reply to that thread XD Nov 22, 2014 19:50:22 GMT
Storm Scout: I played the new Dragon Age... really pleased with it so far! Nov 22, 2014 19:58:04 GMT
Storm Scout: I don't really feel like the storyline has picked up yet like it did near the start of DA Origins, but to be fair I'm only an hour into it. Nov 22, 2014 19:58:52 GMT
chibibug: I can picture Sere doing something like that (trying and failing to prank him). ...if I had some decent ideas. Nov 22, 2014 20:00:27 GMT *
chibibug: I want to enter Sere in Dark Star's Wanted thread, but I should probably hold off working on a post until I've made progress on my school papers. They're both due Monday. On the upside, after Monday I'm on fall break. Nov 22, 2014 20:07:20 GMT *
nightmare: hey any pony online Nov 22, 2014 20:58:51 GMT
nightmare: hi Nov 22, 2014 21:05:41 GMT
Geffect-Bron3: -attention grabbed- Nov 22, 2014 21:10:23 GMT
snowdrop10: hello :) Nov 22, 2014 23:41:49 GMT