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waxworks: Well, as it turns out, he is also the -FIRST-, Kamen Rider. Jan 28, 2015 16:54:28 GMT
waxworks: And he came back in some big crossover movie this year (or last year) to reprise the role, and he STILL looks like he could steer a missile into space! Jan 28, 2015 16:55:06 GMT
CableZ: who is better, tommy or Segata XD both are legendary Jan 28, 2015 16:56:35 GMT
waxworks: Segata. He's a grampa now but could still snap a tree over his back O.O Jan 28, 2015 16:57:38 GMT
CableZ: but Tommy is tommy :P Jan 28, 2015 16:57:56 GMT
waxworks: Yes but Segata is Segata -AND- Kamen Rider Ichigo -AND- DOCTOR BLACKJACK! :D Jan 28, 2015 16:59:43 GMT
waxworks: ...Also I think he's actually fought the green ranger, with all the crazy crossovers they've got. Jan 28, 2015 17:00:19 GMT
waxworks: I now need to pester my brother for info on this... Jan 28, 2015 17:00:20 GMT
waxworks: Gah... see I watch This Trailer and while it looks really cool... I have absolutely no idea what's going on. Jan 28, 2015 17:02:41 GMT
CableZ: lol Jan 28, 2015 17:02:49 GMT
CableZ: well I'm sure we'll end up hearing about it Jan 28, 2015 17:03:00 GMT
waxworks: By the way, that's Segata on the right side at the beginning of the trailer, in the split screen thingy. Jan 28, 2015 17:05:48 GMT
CornishDeityz: *barrels from the shadows, nearly knocking over the table, and takes a seat* Hello! Jan 28, 2015 17:20:41 GMT
Geffect-Bron3: Quite the flashy entrance Jan 28, 2015 17:31:20 GMT
CornishDeityz: Thank you. Jan 28, 2015 17:32:45 GMT
CornishDeityz: Guess what? My reading lamp fell on my bed and set it on fire. Jan 28, 2015 17:33:34 GMT
CornishDeityz: That's why I've been offline for the past... 2 hours or so. Jan 28, 2015 17:33:56 GMT
Geffect-Bron3: Is the bed still intact? Jan 28, 2015 17:37:47 GMT
CableZ: dramatic Jan 28, 2015 17:40:11 GMT
Geffect-Bron3: Oh by the way Dark Star said she is looking at your characters because we are debating if we want you to join our newest thread. If you're. Interested of course Jan 28, 2015 17:46:55 GMT